Imperfect Action
How do I grow my business faster? What's the secret to success? How can design a business that serves me, not the other way around?Your host, Steph Taylor, asked all of these questions right before she built a million-dollar online business from the ground up in just a few short years. But she made every mistake along the way. Now, Steph's sharing the strategies she wishes she'd known when she was dreaming up her business plan from her corporate cubicle. The advice she wishes she'd had when she was juggling painful clients, answering client calls at 3 am and wondering if she would ever find financial freedom with her business. If you ever feel like you're the only one who hasn't cracked the secret to success in your online business, this show is for you. If you have big dreams but feel like you're not getting anywhere, this show is for you. If you wish you could put your growth on 8x speed and skip straight to the good part, this show is for you. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you can expect mindset advice, actionable marketing tips, and strategies to build a business that brings you more profit, more freedom and even more joy. Prepare to walk away from every episode feeling inspired to take action. Because the secret sauce is Imperfect Action. Show more